30th of Kythorn, 1491

Unfortunately for us, or camp was disturbed in the middle of last night by a rampaging owlbear. Unfortunately for the owlbear, we were not the easy meal is was looking for, so it fled, hooting hungrily into the night. The rest of the day passed by uneventfully. Blessed Beshaba, please, enough with these ominous owlish … Continue reading 30th of Kythorn, 1491

29th of Kythorn, 1491

We marched due west from our camp near Old Owl Well, hoping to make good time back to Phandalin, but it will still be a four-day journey. Beshaba willing, we will not be waylaid, klaatu barada nikto amen. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1ypDpbe4NlVI4DCcUXmFsc?si=51aa03e6419b48ce

28th of Kythorn, 1491

We arrived at the Wyvern Tor orc camp. Though we crept forward in perfect silence, their sharp-nosed solitary sentry somehow sniffed us out, so we had to abandon stealth, and storm the cave. Seven orcs and an enormous ogre stood against us… and that same number fell. Tough luck, fellas, it just wasn’t your day. … Continue reading 28th of Kythorn, 1491

27th of Kythorn, 1491

The sweet stench of death greets us as we reach Old Owl Well. While the others investigated a small tent, I followed my nose, and found a host of undead labourers, repairing a ruined tower… The perfect workforce! Or, so I initially thought, until they lurched toward me. As I was about to defend myself, … Continue reading 27th of Kythorn, 1491

26th of Kythorn, 1491

We arrived in Conyberry, a proverbial ghost-town. On the north outskirts of town, at the edge of the Neverwinter Wood, Tegan must perform a simple errand for a witless priestess of Tymora. His task is to sweet-talk a banshee, offer her a gift, and ask her a question about a spellbook; evidently, an insurmountable challenge … Continue reading 26th of Kythorn, 1491

25th of Kythorn, 1491

Beshaba's breath! We were ambushed on the road today by the furriest hobgoblins you've ever seen, I swear I thought they were bugbears at first! Though they had the high ground and the element of surprise, we put a permanent end to their good luck, taking 9gp, 32sp, 53 cp, and their miserable lives as … Continue reading 25th of Kythorn, 1491

24th of Kythorn, 1491

Tonight we camp on the Triboar Trail, headed east toward Conyberry.  We were delayed leaving Phandalin yesterday (being pestered incessantly by the insipid townsfolk), and have thus made poor time on the road, despite meeting no opposition thus far. I feel this is an omen, that The Maid of Misfortune is with us, and that she will … Continue reading 24th of Kythorn, 1491

23rd of Kythorn, 1491

I await reply from Dannak to my request for information. Incessantly, Sildar the Weak begs us to help Gundren, but we have no new leads on Cragmaw Castle or the "Black Spider". Hallwinter has finally repaid his debt of 60gp (I graciously made no mention of interest), and has offered an additional 500gp for the dwarf's rescue. … Continue reading 23rd of Kythorn, 1491

22nd of Kythorn, 1491

We met with PME Guildmistress Thornton this morning. Halia paid our due reward, 100 gold pieces, but seemed strangely displeased by how utterly complete was our slaughter of the Red Brands. Of course, she did not understand: this was not an errand she had sent me on, but a personal vendetta of my own, and … Continue reading 22nd of Kythorn, 1491

21st of Kythorn, 1491

Our group went to the Phandalin Miner's Exchange, where we exchanged some of our booty for coin, and had a chance to make an accounting of our newly-acquired collective wealth: 600 cp & 125 sp & 93 gp plus an IOU from Hallwinter for 60 gp. Halia Thornton had less information than I had hoped, … Continue reading 21st of Kythorn, 1491