Maledicta “Doomspawn” Fortuna

Sister Doomspawn, Mystic Hand of Gloom of Beshaba, Fang of the Zhentarim, Watcher of the Harpers, and Honoured Worthy of Phandalin, was born in the city of Tantras, on the 6th of Kythorn, in The Year of the Mages in Amber, 1466 DR, the humble daughter of a poor fish-monging couple, who named her ‘Maledicta’. In her youth, she lived in the tiefling ghetto, and worked the docks of Tantras harbour, slinging finefish. She longed for a more exciting life, and often implored Beshaba to do anything to save her from her cursed fate of working for her fish-monging family. Her wild sorcerous abilities only began to develop once she had left her home city, in her adolescence, after the death of her parents—Vendor Fortuna and his wife, Pedlar Fortuna, were suddenly killed when a huge piece of masonry fell from The House of Hope, a temple to Tymora, and crushed them both in the Tantras market square.

In Flamerule, 1482, Maledicta departed Tantras as a stowaway aboard a ship, sailing along the northern coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars, until landing in Westgate. Vivid nightmares led her to seek out the shrine to Beshaba in that shithole town, and from that moment, Maledicta accepted the Maid of Misfortune as her personal savior. From Westgate, Maledicta travelled the Traders’ Road west overland with a merchant caravan to Iriabor, then continued on the River Chionthar, via commercial barge, to Baldur’s Gate.

After a case of mistaken identity allowed her to flee incarceration, destiny soon directed Maledicta further northward, to see the famed metropolis of Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. After a brief sojourn there, she journeyed north again, to her current residence in Neverwinterthe City of Skilled Hands. Since 1488, Maledicta has worked there as a small-time enforcer and debt collector for a Sword Coast half-orc criminal kingpin, Dannak the White. A dwarven merchant and associate of Dannak, Gundren Rockseeker, has given Maledicta and some local friends and acquaintances odd jobs (guarding his warehouse, escorting potential customers to meetings, etc.).

As a member of the Fellowship of Cunts, in Kythorn 1491 Maledicta’s heroism saw her declared an “Honoured Worthy of Phandalin” by the Townmaster, and was recruited by Zhentarim agent Halia Thornton, and has been given the official title “Fang of the Zhentarim”. Soon after, Maledicta became a cleric, as a complement to her innate sorcery, to better serve Beshaba as a religious mystic and instrument of sacred doom. Sister Doomspawn has converted the caverns beneath the ruins of Tresendar Manor into a temple dedicated to Beshaba: The Doom Grotto.

In 1492, the Fellowship of Cunts defended Phandalin from attack by the Dragon Cult. Investigations lead the group with to allies in Secomber, where Doomspawn was made a “Watcher of the Harpers”.