Gunxaaruul Xartrin, The Chaircrusher

Gunxaaruul, or “Gunx” to his travelling companions, is a recent escapee, along with his “brother”, from the monastery/cult that initially kidnapped him as a hatchling and raised him to adulthood.  The only thing he knows from his Dragonborn past is his name.

Gunxaaruul lives to train and fight. He constantly looks to prove himself in practice and in battle.  He is only truly happy when working to improve himself and his fighting style.  He also thinks that weapons are for pussies, although he puts up with it from most humans due to their “inherent softness” as he puts it.

Gunx is loyal to his “big brother”, the halfling Tolarin, who predated him at the monastery and looked out for him when he first arrived.  Thanks to many years of martial arts training and sparring, in addition to becoming deadly martial artists, Gunx and his brother have developed the ability to fight each other convincingly without doing any damage any at all.  This skill has helped them in many unexpected ways, namely becoming favourite fighters of the half-orc crime boss and combat enthusiast, Dannak the White, due to their ability to both win and throw fights convincingly.  All of this his has resulted in a fighting style that, while primarily grappling based, is quite flashy and full of big loud moves (akin to pro wrestling in our terms).  Tolarin and Gunx get on like brothers but will actually fight each other on occasion, to the confusion of their companions.

Gunxaaruul is motivated by his desire to become a Champion Fighter of renown.  He respects strength and technique and is eager to prove his own to others.  He and his brother Tolarin have recently fallen in with a rough and tumble, rag tag, group of rogues looking for adventure and coin.  They are familiar with the Tiefling Doomspawn, another member of the group, from their recent days working as hired help for Dannak The White.  Gunx is a little leery of his new found friends but Tolarin seems to think that working with this group is “perfect” for them right now.  We shall see, I guess.