28th of Kythorn, 1491

We arrived at the Wyvern Tor orc camp. Though we crept forward in perfect silence, their sharp-nosed solitary sentry somehow sniffed us out, so we had to abandon stealth, and storm the cave. Seven orcs and an enormous ogre stood against us… and that same number fell. Tough luck, fellas, it just wasn’t your day. Beshaba be praised, we recovered 750cp, 180 sp, 62ep, 30gp, three vials of very fine perfume, and proof-of-death from the orc chief and the ogre, and head and a toe, respectively.

Back at Old Owl Well in the evening, a tense moment upon our arrival made me think a fight might break out after all (Jorad would have popped off, I wager). It seems it was just all part of Tegan’s negotiations, something about a misunderstanding about terms regarding an advance on payment; regardless, since the job was done, the point appeared to be moot. We left the necromancer on good terms, receiving an exquisite pearl (100 gp), a potion of healing, and 20 gold pieces, and leaving him with a warning to keep his staff in check. Blessed Beshaba, let us encounter reasonable, educated men like this more often, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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