Jorad Luvien

Abandoned by his parents at a young age and raised by his merchant grandparents, Jorad spent his childhood in the village of Secomber on the banks of the Delimbiyr river. He was known as a rather curious but mischievous boy who, at no fault of his own, often found himself in situations that would put him in ill repute with various townspeople.  As a result, he became quite adept at verbal and written deceptions that kept him in relatively good standing with the villagers. But he never forgot the pain of being abandoned by his parents.

Once old enough, Jorad struck out on his own to find the dirty whore wizard of a mother and slimy shit-stained monk of a father that deserted him as a child.  Due to his self-taught skills of deception, he was able to establish a small but reliable reputation for forgery that kept him in enough coin to continue his self-appointed quest. 

While on a small job in the Trollbark forest near Dragonspear Castle, Jorad’s innate curiosity got the better of him and decided to search some old ruins that the locals zealously warned all travellers to avoid.  It was here in the ruins that Archfey Oberon, made his presence known to Jorad.  Oberon offered to bestow great power on Jorad for the small price of providing various services for Fey lord.  Jorad was all to eager to gain skills that might help him find the rotted cunts, also referred to as his parents. Thus, the Fey pact was born, and Oberon became Jorad’s Patron.

Jorad’s forgery contracts have brought him up and down the Sword Coast from Luskan to Balders Gate.  It was during one of these jobs when he discovered that both of his parents were killed on the streets of Waterdeep while fending off some cutthroats down near the docks after a night of drinking and dicing.

Now he continues to provide forgery services to various clients when he is not carrying out the wishes of his Archfey Patron.