23rd of Kythorn, 1491

I await reply from Dannak to my request for information.

Incessantly, Sildar the Weak begs us to help Gundren, but we have no new leads on Cragmaw Castle or the “Black Spider”. Hallwinter has finally repaid his debt of 60gp (I graciously made no mention of interest), and has offered an additional 500gp for the dwarf’s rescue.

Goody Alderleaf, our helpful new halfling neighbor, suggests that we head to Thundertree (the site of Cuckwidow Dendrar’s lost emerald, too, if I recall correctly) to speak with her learned druid friend, Reidoth, about Cragmaw’s location… but that would take us nearly back to Neverwinter.

Meanwhile, now that we are local heroes, we have been unceasingly beseeched by the mewling plebeians for aid. Since troubles to the east seem to be a common theme to their complaints, five of our party are headed for the Cony Gap. Our first stop will be the town of Conyberry, four days journey from Phandalin, about 90 miles. Beshaba willing, tonight we can camp near the Triboar Trail crossroad, about 24 miles north on the Phandalin road.

Jorad stays behind, nursing a head injury for the next tenday, as a precaution (monks’ orders… some mumbo-jumbo about ‘chronic traumatic encephalopathy,’ I think they said). To keep his wits sharp, he has volunteered to oversee the preliminary work required to secure our new headquarters under Tresendar Manor: hiring local workers to install new locking doors on the entrances, reconstructing the failed bridgework, et cetera. I hope Fang Luvien will devise a good use for Droop the goblin, and our clever resident nothic (whose name eludes me).

Lady Doom, please spare Jorad from all misfortune while we are away. May the time pass for him completely uneventfully… klaatu barada nikto amen.

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