17th of Ches, 1492

As we were leaving Phandalin this morning, we were stopped by an injured travelling monk from Berdusk named Nesim Waladra. He told us that his master, a half-elven monk named Leosin Erlanthar, had gone missing last night after a savage battle with the raiders. Waladra offered us two hundred and fifty gold pieces each to search for his master, so we added this to our quest.

The raiders’ tracks were easy to follow, and they were moving slowly, laden down as they were with their ill-gotten booty. We followed the trail south of Phandalin, into a rugged area of high plateaus and jutting cliffs, until we spotted smoke from a campfire. Tolarin scouted ahead, and discovered four kobolds squabbling over their breakfast. We decided to surround them in stealth, and began to take up positions.

As Gunx was moving into striking distance, Jorad snapped a twig, and the startled kobolds bolted. I magically Commanded one to halt, and Brick skewered another with a javelin. Gunx spotted four more cultists to the right, so Jorad and I moved to face these more dangerous adversaries in a spellcraft showdown.

The other cunts quickly clobbered the kobolds, knocking one unconscious, then joined Jorad and I in taking down the spellcasters. With one man left standing, I commanded him to surrender, and ordered him to start talking if he wanted to survive. He babbled on uselessly about the Cult of the Dragon, but failed to come up with any information valuable enough for us to let such a dangerous villain live, so we released the unconscious kobold instead.

On high alert for a rear guard ambush, we were mostly unsurprised when we came under attack as we passed through a narrow path between two bluffs. Brick climbed the bluff to battle four men to the south, while Gunx and Tegan leapt up the bluff to fight four to the north, and Tolarin, Jorad and I ran the gauntlet to face two guard drakes. After a hard fought fight, we were victorious against this elite rear-guard unit. We gathered some of their distinctive uniforms and, after a short rest, continued on to the raiders’ nearby camp.

The camp lay nestled in a steep-sided horseshoe ravine, with a few dozen bone-and-hide huts of various size, and two timber guard towers erected: one at the front, and one to the rear, near a cave entrance. Using a twinned spell of Invisibility, Tegan and I reconnoitered the camp, walking unseen amongst the various mercenaries, and saw cultists praise Tiamat’s glory with right hands raised in a claw-salute. We also located a tent with eight prisoners, and Leosin Erlanthar, the missing monk, tied to a stake. A large officers’ tent to the rear of the camp was well guarded, but security throughout the rest of the camp seemed otherwise lax.

Invisibly, Tegan and I peeked into the cave entrance. We could hear activity inside, but the cavern was much too large to explore quickly, so instead we made a plan to rescue the monk. While I created a distraction, Tegan slipped out invisibly, with the captive in disguise. Within minutes, we heard the raiders raise their alarm, but by that time, we were already headed back to Phandalin.

The rescued monk, Leosin Erlanthar, was reunited with his brethren, and we were paid our reward. Leosin informed us of his plan to seek help in Secomber from Ontharr Frume, a Tormite paladin, and begged us to return to the camp to gather more intelligence on the raiders, offering us each a purse of one hundred and fifty gold coins. After a long rest, we will purchase potions of healing and head out at first light, in Beshaba’s name, klaatu barada nikto amen.

3 thoughts on “17th of Ches, 1492

  1. We could probably move the prisoners inside a tent, change their garb and brazenly march them out as well. Maybe we need a distraction to help with that (rear guard tower mysteriously collapsing in some kind of thunderwave)

    I would like to get some intel on the alert dragonborn guards and cave. See if any of the raiders knows whats up with those assholes? Anyone been in the cave? Someone said they had a unicorn in there.

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  2. Re: collapsing the tower:

    “Shatter” damages “non-magical objects”, while “Thunderwave” merely pushes “unsecured objects”, so Tegan would need to use the higher level spell (if he has the slot available) for tower-damaging effect. Such spellcasting would spoil our current invisibility, so that adds a danger… I’d like to avoid a fight and the inevitable captivity that would follow, if possible.

    It seems unnecessarily risky for the rest of the party to enter the camp at this point. We could return to Phandalin now, and get our full reward. The peasant prisoners have been marked for their fate by Beshaba, and we should not meddle with their destiny.

    Tegan and I could invisibly reconnoiter the cave, and bring out the Half elvish Berduskan monk, who likely has gathered much intel on his own, and be hailed as heroes. We can come back for the unicorn later.

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