16th of Ches, 1492

There was little rest before the first light of dawn arrived, when we were hailed by the raiders outside. Their champion, a draconic warrior named Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, wanted to face a champion of our choosing in a one-on-one fight. In exchange, they would release four captive peasants who were of no value to anyone, save Sergeant Guth, to whom they were kin.

Townmaster Wester begged our fellowship to intervene, so I volunteered Gunx for the challenge, knowing he would be keen to test his mettle. Gunx bravely faced Langdedrosa, but unarmed and outmatched he was swiftly cut down. He may have lost the bout, but he courageously won the freedom of the hostages. As the raiders left, we raised a victorious cheer, to help lift town morale.

We spent the rest of the day assessing the damage to the town as we gathered strength and fresh supplies. We will set out after the raiding party on the morrow. Beshaba willing, their trail will not be hard to follow, and we will be able to catch up to them quickly, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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