11th of Tarsakh, 1492

We arrived in Secomber this afternoon. After asking around for Ontharr Frume, we were directed to “A Pair of Black Antlers,” an auspiciously-named watering hole said to be favoured by the Tormite paladin. Once we got there, it was not long before Frume’s squire Blane arrived to greet us. Impressed by the Order of the Gauntlet credentials claimed by Gunx and Brick, Blane introduced us to his master without further delay.

Ushered into a private room, we met the members of an allied resistance to the Dragon Cult menace. Ontharr Frume, a hard-drinking ginger-bearded man, represented the Order of the Gauntlet; our recently rescued monk acquaintance, Leosin Erlanthar, represented the Harpers. Reidoth’s Emerald Enclave was also allied to the cause, we were told, though none of their number were present.

Ontharr Frume wants our fellowship to infiltrate a merchant caravan that he suspects is carrying the Dragon Cult’s stolen loot, which they are trying to smuggle out of Baldur’s Gate. Jorad has agreed to forge a document, giving us credible cover as members of the local Secomber Teamsters’ Union, so we should be able to set out on this quest tomorrow, Beshaba willing, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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