10th of Tarsakh, 1492

Not much has happened along the road these past twenty days.

We passed through the ghost town of Conyberry, and by the twenty-fifth of Ches, we had made it to Triboar: a lively crossroads frontier town, full of the hustle and bustle of roaming merchants, caravans, and other travelers.

From there, we turned south onto the Long Road, and three days later, we were in Westbridge, a humble farming village. Three more days and we had made it to Red Larch, a waystop located at the intersection of three trails. From there, we took the Cairn Road southeast, and travelled three days to Womford, a tiny village on the banks of the River Dessarin. Four days east on the Iron Road brought us to Uluvin, a sleepy crossroads town, which we left two nights ago via the Secomber Trail.

Tomorrow, we will reach the town of Secomber, Beshaba willing, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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