8th of Eleasis, 1491

We are back on the High Road today. We recovered our abandoned cart, hitched it to Tegan’s fell steed, and are headed south to Phandalin. We have travelled this road several times now, so the sense of familiarity is comforting. The High Road is so named because it follows the ridge-lines of the rolling hills it passes through. This helps protect it from flooding as well as brigands. The road is wide enough for two large wagons to pass one another, and in many places it is wider. The road surface varies between cobblestone paving, gravel, wood, and hard-packed dirt.

Spaced along the road at intervals of five to ten miles are fortified signal outposts. In addition to alerting Neverwinter of approaching threats, and protecting trade along the High Road, these outposts provide a constabulary for the citizens of the camps, hamlets, and villages which sometimes grow around them. The outposts nearest to Neverwinter are large, well garrisoned, and in good repair. Further south, they become smaller and more spartan. All outposts are commanded by members of the Lord’s Alliance.

Two more days travel on the High Road until we get to the Triboar Trail crossroads, Beshaba willing, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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