7th of Eleasis, 1491

We awoke this morning to discover that Tolarin, like his brother Gunx, had also fallen under the spell of fungal zombification, so we headed out immediately to seek the druid Reidoth. Arriving at Thundertree around midday, we found him in his sooty little shanty. He mumbled out excuses and apologies, and obligingly restored the two monks to their old selves.

When the druid began grumbling about his troubles with the dragon cultists, we made our exit, and headed towards the nearby ruins of the Brown Horse Tavern. Inside the common room, we dispatched two ash zombies, and in the adjacent brewhouse, quickly put down two more.

We then headed to the eastern part of town, coming upon an old barracks in good condition, with a leaning wooden statue in the square out front. The group agreed with Jorad’s assessment that the statue depicted the legendary warrior Palien. Gunx found another pair of ash zombies in the barracks. Battle with them ensued, and more zombies joined the fray from inside the building, while outside, a thicket of twig-blights descended upon us from the south.

Once the foes were defeated, Tegan ascended the ladder to the roof, and searched the rest of the premises, but found nothing of value. While leaving, the bard pushed over the leaning statue in frustration, cracking Palien’s wooden head off as it crashed to the ground. This souvenir would have to suffice as Tegan’s treasure.

We set off for home, five days journey from here. Beshaba willing, we will have an uneventful journey back to Phandalin, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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