15th of Flamerule, 1491

Tonight, we celebrated the one month anniversary of the Fellowship of Cunts, and recounted our legendary victories over the Black Spider, the wizard Glasstaff, the Cragmaw goblinoids, the dragon Venomfang, and the pathetic Redbrands.

The Rockseeker brothers told us they could begin reconstruction of the manor immediately. They had secured permission from Phandalin’s great fool townmaster, Harbin Wester, to appropriate stone from the town’s old ruined walls; indeed, this is a much closer source of masonry than the derelict Cragmaw Castle. Beshaba has blessed our fellowship again!

I am pleased to report that our feast in the Tresendar crypt was a success. Yegg and Droop outdid themselves, in terms of both food and service. I think they’re trying to make up for letting our nothic perish. I don’t know what we ate, but it was delicious!

I will now spend the next fifteen days focused on preparing Phandalin’s new subterranean shrine to Beshaba, just in time for The Long Night of Midsummer, Lady Doom willing, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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