14th of Flamerule, 1491

We came home to Phandalin to a sad discovery last night. Trent, our beloved resident nothic, had died. Though they both deny it, Yegg and Droop had been clearly neglecting the grisly chore of feeding the creature in our absence. Along with this bad luck, however, Beshaba has granted us yet another boon: near the nothic’s body, found in the crevasse, was a chest of treasure, containing one hundred sixty silver, one hundred twenty gold, five gems worth fifteen gold each, two potions of Healing, a scroll of Augury, and “Talon,” the fabled enchanted longsword that once belonged to Aldith “The Black Hawk” Tresendar.

Nundro and Gundren Rockseeker were tearfully reunited last night after a month’s separation. Gundren handed us each twenty five gold pieces as previously pledged, and additionally promised us that his dwarven workforce would begin reconstruction of Tresendar Manor for us, gratis. Praise to Beshaba, may we ever sail upon your holy hardship, klaatu barada nikto amen!

p.s. Tomorrow, we will host the Rockseekers for a victory feast in our underground dwelling, so the dwarves might get a view of the site, and so we might all share tales, and of course hear Tegan’s songs, about our fellowship’s recent adventures.

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