16th of Kythorn, 1491

I am driving Mr. Rockseeker’s wagon south to the town of Phandalin today. I am joined by a rather motley crew. It seems Gundren’s intention is for potential brigands along The High Road to assume we are merely a poor travelling freak-show, or circus troupe, and not a merchant wagon laden with valuable cargo.

To accompany the creaking wagon, Mr. Rockseeker has graciously commissioned Tegan Ramigil, a demi-elf whoreson minstrel drifter, whose salacious songs and lewd humour will surely make the five day journey pass amusingly.

By way of discrete muscle, Mr. Rockseeker has hired a couple of Dannak the White’s exotic young goons: a hobbit, short and quick; and a draconian, tall and strong. The big one, whom I call Gunx, tells me they both escaped from the same monastic cult, where they were irrevocably brainwashed into strange superstitions about “harnessing their kee energies”… it all sounds quite dubious. The little one, whom I believe is named Toblerone, seems reticent to speak of his restrictive monastic background.

The only overtly-equipped man-at-arms of our group, a middle-aged human militiaman called Brick, is suspiciously unscarred. I presume he has seen little combat, despite his advanced years. Unlike most soldiers of his age, he does not readily boast of any past battles. When pressed, he tells me only that he has wearied of mundane soldiering life, and seeks adventure. I can empathise with this sentiment, as it reminds me of my own escape from the drudgery of slinging finefish on the docks of Tantras harbor.

Brick’s opposite is, ironically, another human: this one, a brash, boy-faced manling named Jorad Luvien. He is full of bravado, and claims to be a skilled forger, a fraudster, con-artist… Like little Toblerone, he too has not been forthcoming about his background. I’m not sure he can be trusted. I have my suspicions that his allegiance may not be entirely with our employer, Mr. Rockseeker, and that this Luvien fellow may have gained employment on this journey through false pretenses. Beshaba willing, we will endure some minor hardship along the road that will give him a chance to show his true colours.

Lady Doom, please cast your blessed misfortune in the path of others, and not upon us, so that we may prosper as your faithful servants. Klaatu barada nikto amen.

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