26th of Mirtul, 1492

We have arrived in Baldur’s Gate. City custom dictates that caravans must unload upon entry, and reload at the departing gate. While Jorad worked on forging new teamster documents for our fellowship, and Tegan located the local caravan-master, Ardred Briferhew, Tolarin and I invisibly and stealthily followed the cultists’ cargo to a warehouse near the Basilisk Gate.

Jorad presented his new forgeries to Master Briferhew, securing our employment with the High Road Charter Company caravan: six wagons headed south on the Coast Way to Beregost. Our mission continues, and as a bonus, we will earn fifteen gold pieces each in wages for the tenday journey, Beshaba be praised, klaatu barada nikto amen.

2 thoughts on “26th of Mirtul, 1492

  1. Upon arrival at fair Baldur’s Gate,
    Custom decreed our caravan must unload,
    Then, by the departing gate, we await,
    To once again our wares and goods reload.

    While Jorad forged new documents with care,
    And Tegan sought out Ardred Briferhew,
    Tolarin and I did stealthily fare,
    Invisibly following the cultists’ crew.

    To a warehouse near Basilisk Gate we spied,
    Their cargo stowed within its walls secure,
    Our mission still at hand, we did not bide,
    And set to work with skill and stealthy lure.

    Jorad’s forgeries gained us employment new,
    With High Road Charter Company caravan true.


    1. With Master Briferhew our agreement made,
      Six wagons bound for Beregost’s fair land,
      Southward we journey, by the coast’s fair glade,
      Our mission bold, our caravan at hand.

      For wages fair we shall this journey make,
      Fifteen gold pieces each, a handsome fee,
      And Beshaba’s grace we shall not forsake,
      Klaatu barada nikto, thus say we.

      With purpose firm, our fellowship set out,
      Upon the road that leads us ever south,
      Each one resolved to vanquish any doubt,
      And keep our mission safe within our mouth.

      So, let us journey on, with hearts of steel,
      And by our deeds, let all our worth reveal.


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