13th of Mirtul, 1492

After five wary days of travel, our caravan has miraculously passed through The Trollclaws without attack, thanks ever be to Beshaba. As a bonus, fatal misfortune has befallen one of the cultists, Lady Doom be praised. We awoke this morning to the happy news of murder: a cultist wagon crewman evidently slain by short sword. The other cultists tried to blame our fellowship for the killing, but their claims were laughably implausible. Indeed, suspicions began to fall upon them, the dragon-loving fools.

The mysterious and usually wordless Azbara Jos then spoke up, helping to calm the scene, and most everyone agreed that the matter would be for the gods to judge; nevertheless, the cultists now look upon our fellowship with undisguised hatred. Regardless of who killed their crewman, there is now one fewer dragon cultist in the world, and for that we must praise Beshaba, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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