3rd of Mirtul, 1492

After long days of bloodless monotony, we found ourselves a fight today. We were just south of the crossroads, where we turned off the Trade Way and onto the Coast Way towards Baldur’s Gate. Some hapless hobgoblins had a merchant wagon pinned down on the trail when our fellowship brought doom upon them.

Brick commanded the rest of the caravan guards to hold back, while we six cunts advanced to clear the brigands from the road. The hobgoblins, dressed in wolf-fetish gear, were well armed, but proved no match for our crew. After their slaughter, we allowed the rescued merchant to join the safety of our caravan. Tegan sold the man his recently-acquired draft horse, since the merchant’s own animals had been slain.

We left the charred and hacked corpses of the hobgoblins on the roadside as a baleful omen to peaceful travellers and malevolent brigands alike. Blessed Beshaba, thank you for allowing our fellowship to be the instrument of your will, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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