14th of Tarsakh, 1492

We arrived in Daggerford on schedule, and quickly made our way through the bustle of merchants to find the local teamsters’ office. The guildmaster, a human male by the name of Selebon, assessed our documents and assigned us to tasks in a manner that seemed to betray an all-too-common human racial prejudice.

Brick, Jorad, and Tegan received plum positions. Brick was made overseer, while Jorad and Tegan were hired as personal bodyguards to a pair of merchants, Oyn Evenmor and Samardag the Hoper. Meanwhile, Gunx, Tolarin, and I were offered lesser roles. I considered casting a spell on Selebon to change his mind, but ultimately I chose not to risk blowing my cover. These mundane jobs are mere subterfuge, after all, and at least I was assigned to guard duty, not scullery labor, like the unlucky monks.

Today, we will replenish our stores of healing potions, and tomorrow we will head south as guards and labourers for an eleven-wagon caravan. Three of the wagon teams have already aroused our suspicions, as we recognize a few familiar faces here from the raiders’ camp. By the will of Beshaba, may we bring swift and dire misfortune to these Dragon Cult fiends, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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