1st of Eleasis, 1491

Last night’s Long Night festivities were a resounding success. Sweet Brick, now Captain of the Phandalin Guard, stood down his men for the evening, giving free rein to my havoc. Edermath’s orchard will bear no fruit this season, and Lady Luck’s shrine is now in ruins! Bow before Beshaba’s breathtaking belligerence!

Though my fellow cunts are all well hung-over, and Tolarin is walking funny after a vigorous dalliance with Goody Alderleaf, we have nevertheless set off early to investigate the mystery of Owlbear Lodge: personally commissioned by the Lord of Neverwinter. Beshaba has been sending omens of owls and owlbears for a month now, so I insisted our fellowship take this portentous quest.

Lord Neverember specifically wants to know what has happened to Herka and Tabor, the missing owners of the luxurious hunting retreat, and Neverember’s own errant workers, Raoul, Phoebe, and Lemon. He offers a reward of one hundred gold coins each, plus a nights stay at the lodge once it is operational, plus food-and-beverage vouchers worth twenty five gold each.

We travel five days north by mule wagon, then east into Neverwinter Wood. May Beshaba’s frown continue to be our rainbow, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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