12th of Flamerule, 1491

We began the day by barging into a barricaded bugbear barracks. After a fiercely fought fight, they lost their lives, and we won fifteen copper, thirteen electrum, and a potion of vitality for our efforts.

We rested briefly, then moved on, to a cavernous room with a dark pool, and a fishy, dank smell that brought forth unwelcome memories of my childhood in Tantras. Seeing nothing of note in the murky waters, I followed the others down a passage to the south, until we came upon a very aggressive ochre jelly! With valiant team effort, we defeated the slimy terror, but we could hear another gooey creature squelching around the next corner.

By the time we had sliced and blasted this next jelly apart, it had wounded many of our party with stinging pseudopods. I dealt out healing to all who required it. We carried on, until Tegan discovered some ghouls at the top of a set of stairs. I took a stand at the foot of the stairs, confident in my ability to turn the filthy wretches, as my fellow cunts rallied around me.

Tegan, ever the reckless hero, mounted the stairs to head them off, but ghouls surrounded him, and a few pushed past him down the stairs, cutting the bard off from the rest of us. As we fought to join him, he fell paralyzed by the ghouls’ contagion. It was then that I Turned the accursed undead back with my holy power, and my fellow cunts cut them down as they cringed from our wrath and might. With Tegan badly wounded, and the rest of us very tired to say the least, we barricaded ourselves in the former bugbear barracks for a long rest.

Blessed Beshaba, please do not let the Black Spider, Nez’nar, escape our vengeance. I have not been able to get the image of his tantalizingly ominous spider staff from my head all day, klaatu barada nikto amen.

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