9th of Flamerule, 1491

Walking into Phandalin this evening, with my fellow cunts, I’m surprised to say that the little hamlet is beginning to feel like a real home. It occurs to me that the ruins of Cragmaw Castle might make for a handy source of cut and dressed masonry for our Tresendar Manor repairs. We should look into hiring laborers to haul stone from the site in Neverwinter Wood to our hill in Phandalin [if a closer, cheaper source is not available].

A note from Dannak the White, written in Abyssal, was waiting for me back at Cuntfellow Hall. I shall reply posthaste, informing him of our rescue of Gundren. Dannak thinks Sildar the Simpleton may serve some use to us, though he cautions us to be wary of ties to the Lord’s Alliance. He also suggests that “supposed dragon cult activity” may be involved, so if we encounter Favric again, we may want to parley more aggressively.

In any event, Beshaba willing, we will head out for Wave Echo Cave on the morrow, klaatu barada nikto amen. I hope Droop and Yegg, our little Cragmaw crew, get along well while we’re away… and keep the nothic well fed.

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