6th of Flamerule, 1491

At dawn, we left Thundertree, headed south. As promised, in return for our victory over the inaptly-named “Venomfang” (I guess “Shitbreath” must have already been taken), Reidoth is taking us through Neverwinter wood to Cragmaw Castle. His druidic knowledge of these parts is astonishing, as he leads us through the dense forest as a hawk flies through clear skies. He keeps asking Tolarin to reconsider the “Emerald Enclave”, insisting it’s nothing like his repressive old monastery, but I don’t think Tolarin is interested.

I’ve told Brick all I’ve learned about the Dwarven history of his new weapon, “Hew,” and he seems eager to wet the blade, not just whet it. Jorad and Tegan discuss the finer points of spellcraft, while Gunx and Tolarin are inscrutably quiet, as usual. Reidoth tells us we will arrive at our destination by midday tomorrow, which seems impossible, but at this rate, I dare say he may be able to pull it off… Blessed Beshaba, let it be so, klaatu barada nikto amen!

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