Welcome to Con’bry (to the tune of Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift)

Walkin’ from Phandalin, Sword Mountains are a’glow,

In search of Agatha, heartbeats under cloaks,

Hobgoblins attack, on the Triboar Trail,

Brick is swinging twice, both attacks are fails,

Welcome to Triboar, thought you had surprise,

Welcome to Triboar, Doomspawn missiles your eyes,

Welcome to Triboar, Gunx punching girls off the cliff,

Welcome to Triboar, headbutt in your quiff.

Now we’re in Con’bry, we’ll parlay with this Banshee,

Agatha’s light so bright, but they can’t blind me,

Century back, necromancer took our tome,

Guess we’ll head away, to Old Owl’s home

As we first arrived to this Orc caves shores,

Trying to use Stealth to sneak through the doors,

Chainmail chinks, they’re hearing something more,

First orc drops, as Tolarin hits the floor

Welcome to Owl Well, they’ve been waiting for you,

Welcome to Owl well, they’ve been taking cover,

Welcome to Owl Well, it’s a thunderwave, 

Welcome to Owl Well, dead ogre in a cave.

Hooting of owls, Owl Bear on Patrol,

Shattering his psych, Brick a Great Axe that rolls,

Gunx getting tossed off, as Owl disengage,

Into the darknesss, darksight seems to fail.

Welcome back to Phandalin, ‘least we learned a thing,

Welcome back to Phandalin, hear those gold coins ring.

Welcome to Phandalin, and the Shrine of Luck,

Take that wooden rack, Watcher here to huck.