Wave Cave (Long Live)

Tunnels cold, damp and drafty
Rhythmic thunder to find
We stood o'er Tharden's prone body
Gazelle boots intricately styled

O'erwhelmed by a Sturge surge
Suckers caused us great pains
That day we faught with abandon
Left shattered wings lit'ring that cave

Broke skeleton bones like twigs
Driven by Gunx's rage
Then t'were time for a short rest
Cavern stones were my stage

Wave cave, Brick making it rain
How the gold pieces shined, and electrum flew
Bactracking through Wave Cave, after murders we made
Beshaba bring on the pretenders
One day, we will be remebered

Pleased not to remember the feeling
Kicking ground spores around
Careless fire bolt as I stood there
From the side-lines, surprised I'm standing here now

Woke up to boots made for striding
Springing my way into renown
Flaming skull for a trophy
And the zombies, shambling down

And the skull it was outraged
Screaming "why aren't you burned?"
Like bellows fanning the furnace
Our fellowship came to rule the world

Wave cave, water wheel at full stop
How the zombies rolled in coming for Jorad
We were clearing Wave Cave, all the magic we made
Brick slashing undead pretenders
We're not afraid

Wave cave, all the zombies we slew
T'were the time of our lives slaying our way through
I was screaming Wave Cave thinking I'd found a pool
Beshaba bring on the pretenders
One day, we will be remebered

Splitting up likely not smart
Tolarin hit, now it's dart for dart
Pray this wave pool breaks our fall

Now I shall take a moment
And promise you this
That Jorad fell that damn skull
And God forbid what Tolarin did

Then we were back in the Wave Cave
You'll tell your children some day
When they point to our portraits
You'll tell them our names

Tell them how I jumped that creek
Tell them how I fell down weak

Wave cave, Matty, Stephen and Tim
I'm waking up, did I kill all of them?

Wave Cave, emerald eyed statue
Leather Neznarr, Gunx lunged as Glass-staff's darts flew
And spiders screaming, through the damage we laid
And bring on all of the Deadbrands
We're not afraid

Fighting, Wave Cave Glass Staff's brav'ry removed
Cunts had the time of our lives running bugbears through
Nezznar ran scared, cowardly look on his face
Glass Staff begging in surrender
This day, we shall be remembered

Tell of how we ruled the Cave
And how Glass staff would have been forgave

The Cunts we will be remembered