Ver’ly Well (The 10 minute version)

FOC swaggered into Thundertree

Air t’were cold

Something about it signifying better days

Jorad charged ahead into a supp’sed vacant home

Twig Blights swinging out, more than just a graze

Branches easily disposed of

Once they’d “shrubbed” us off

My rapier found it’s home, Sister’s fire sealed their fate

Brick’s torch raining down like darts into the Goblin’s eye*

I can still picture Rydoff’s surprise after all these days

“The townfolks are long gone, and we’re spider free no more

Dragon ‘pon the hill, and you’re not safe at all”

Cragmaw marked upon the map, we’re back on that little town street

Spider’s eyes glowing red as they were looking over at me

Webs in my hair, Doomspawns there

I remember it, ver’ly well

More twiggers in the backyard

Gunx imagining them dead

Sister’s hands are burning and twig ashes burning red

Elf corpse in studded armor, potion in his belt

Looting him knowing his cards were long since dealt

Now this adventure’s long gone, Song of Healing was all I could do

Forget about Venomfang long enough, to forget why we needed to

‘Cause there we are again, zombies shambling for a fight

Ashes swirling round like clouds, threatening to make our throats tight

Brick attacks, with his axe

I remember it, ver’ly well

And we’re searching the apothecary, fuck the apothecary

No necklace on the ground, why did we come to this town?

Well, maybe Fav’rik got lost in translation,

Maybe we parlayed too much,

But maybe this group of cultists were a conundrum

Jorad would have torn them all up

Move to the hill, set to kill

I remember it, ver’ly well, well, well

And the air there was acrid, spider corpses on the ground

Not really knowing what we’d found

If Tolarin had been less vigilant, maybe we’d have been just fine,

Or maybe cultists had to die?

The idea they had of Venomfang, who was he

Sharing flasks and talk of treating, now we saw who they truly were

A cowardly bunch of curs

Green dragon in the tower, I watch the story of my life

Falling to the stones, not seeing Jorad’s elder strike

Brick steps aside the path, willing the cultists to come

Sister tells them it’s no fun, Venomfang’s hurting no one

Venomfang flies, after Jorad’s paralyzed by him

I’m remembering this life, but still trying to find it

After high road days, and nights when the stars were our own,
Venomfang keeps storming down and making us all weak

‘Cause we smell of unpreparedness, and he was surprised by me

Can’t get rid of him

‘Cause he remembers us, ver’ly well

And there FOC were, knowing we’d hurt him so

“We’ll grow old, but you’ll stay this age”

From poison breath that broke our skin and bones

Venomfang took flight with all his weight

And did his breath paint us cruel

Or did our damage paint him too

‘Cause in Thundertree it’s barren cold

Like the first fall of snow

Venomfangs scales glistening as they fell

I remember it ver’ly well