Meditations of Gunx

Gunx is a good humoured, positive and friendly soul.  He is trusting… to a point. He is always excited and ferocious in battle. He is known for talking to his friends while fighting multiple enemies. His large size and rare race and colouring make him stand out in public.  And since leaving the monastery, this is something he has embraced, becoming skilled in social situations and ultimately adapting his monastic martial arts and drum training into an entertaining public performances involving his halfling brother and others.

As a confident seasoned professional performer himself (in both athletics and percussion) Gunx is both impressed and enthralled by Tegan’s performances.  So, unsurprisingly, Gunx really enjoys performing with him at the Inn and other venues, especially when “Teegs” needs some drink and lets Gunx “give ‘er” with the sticks.  Perhaps it was Gunx’ subtle percussive accompaniment in Tegan’s second performance for the Cunts at the inn that helped put us over with the locals… but that’s not important.  Gunx is aware of Tegan’s somewhat problematic sexual proclivities, but as is his style, Gunx chooses to think the best of people and works quietly in the background (mostly while Tegan is drunk) to keep him on the path.  As for battle, Gunx is hoping to earn the bard’s respect but isn’t quite sure he has it yet.

Having known of her before joining forces, Gunx has an innocent crush on Doomspawn: maybe it’s the horns.  So while he is becoming very loyal to all of the cunts, and he will do anything for his monk brother, he feels quite protective of our lady cunt priestess. Gunx also innocently downplays and puts a positive spin on her negative actions and words either internally or externally, believing in his heart (rightly or wrongly) that she is a good person.

While always respecting his moxxy, Gunx was beginning to worry about our new warlock buddy, Jorad, what with his propensity to fall in battle almost all the time. That is, until recently at least, because bro, what a turnaround!  He really fuckin’ killed some shit today!  AND he only got knocked out once!  Jorad seems very smart but it will take a while for him to gain Gunx respect in combat due to his almost complete disregard for battlefield strategy (and also the passing out stuff). So for now, Gunx is keeping a close eye on his new friend and quirky spell caster.

As for Brick, Gunx finds him to be very funny and rather enjoys his company. Due to Gunx’ extremely positive attitude when it comes to fighting and battle, he has much respect for Brick’s combat and leadership experience. And, because he is Gunx, he takes many of Bricks comments and criticisms as either well-meaning humorous banter or serious thoughtful critique of our current strategies.  Being raised from hatching in a fighting cult himself, Gunx feels an affinity to militaristic gruff personalities like Brick’s, and Gunx believes, like he has done with others in his past, that he can ultimately win Brick over with his positivity humour and kindness.