Bogluck or Peaceful Rest (to Invisible String)

Brown were the boxes we unloaded

Where we stopped at a roadhouse in the dark

We all assumed we would kill some cultists there

Black was the color of Grissel Pete’s mood

Eating turnips with some bastards up top

Gonna look for rats while we make a little money

Time, now it’s bedtime

Gunxy on watch and we’re hearing rat sign

Lizard thieves I didn’t see?

And wasn’t it just so obvs to think

All along it was that

Bog Luck

Blaming it on me-eee-eee-eee


Bad was the song that I sang in the mess

Breaking in Bog Lucks room

Starting the day and the Cunts aren’t winners

Bold were the cultists on their wagon pack

Starting shit on a coffee break

Backed him down like a simpering weasel

Fight, beautiful fight

Cuttin’ them open, then healin’  Gunx fine

Were there clues they didn’t see?

Wasn’t it pretty watching them sink

All along it was Bog Luck

Who was cheating

Lizard marsh for me


Snapjaw who lead us

Out of  the wrong stop right into the shambly things arms

Working together our skills wrapped that up without harm

Questions about the keep, Bullywugs make SJ weep,

Cult alliance tying down Scaly Death Tribe

Chieftan (?) with an axe to grind

Lightning sand covering heads

Sending crocs to their end

Awes were the eyes on Snapjaws face

When Brick stood and hurled his javellin

Hell was the swamp but it’s on to the Keep

Fights, wonderous fights

Left us all bruised under murky swamp skies

Castles cool, SJ with us

And isn’t it so easy to think

All along there was a

Peaceful Rest

Waiting there for me-eee-eee-eee