Phand’ fight (Firefely)

Someone struck a match against the night
All I could see was Phandalin on fire
I was captivated
Perfect little dream that dragon wanted dead
Crept on the town to erase it

Cultists fought keeping hold on Tolarin
But their victory was a temporary high

Firelightt drew The Cunts to you
Jorrad's shatter and the kobolds die
And now cultists flee, but not you
Linan stands true, firefight

Some things so beautiful and free
Watching Gunx kill with the punch of a donkey
Still frozen in the cultists hand
Tolarin catches you, and we chant
Face your end

Parapet to fight a dragon, blue
Reminding us lightning makes you die

Firelight you drew us to you
Kobolds shatter and cultists launched into the sky
Lizard dog doesn't know better, do you?
Kill our way to the mill in the firefight

Little fires everywhere, cunts are undaunted
Shatter spell halfway to enough

Firelight draws us to the town square view
Watch cultist and kobold limbs fly
Didn't see it coming did they?

Usher townfolk from Cathedral into the night
To the safety of our manor but we're not done yet

Gunx don't know it do you?
Langdedrosa dropped you
Townfolk saved true