Back To Secomber (Back to September)

Hey Blaine, can Frume make time to see me?
How's life? Tell Jorad 'bout Torm's family
Haven't seen Leotian in awhile
We've been good, learning 'cause we're clever
We small talk, wine and the weather
Resistance is up and we know why-ee-i-ee-i

Sword Coast support offered up to me
Emerald Enclave out there for us to find
Gave  orders and left us to deci-ee-i-ee-ide

So this is me joinin' the Harpers
Travellin' to Daggerford over the course of many nights
We won't be back to Secomber for some time
Meetin' with Celobahn, hirin' to a caravan
Room and board, teenage wards, and a gold piece a day
Guardin' Oyn Evernoar, hopin' these exotic birds can fight
Be at Baldur's gate in two fortnight-ee-ight-ee-ights

Fourth day, not doin' too much sleepin'
Two sisters cryin' 'cause I'll be leavin'
Wetted with wine, by moonlight we did it all-ee-all-ee-all
Then hobglobin ambushers, call the beautiful Cunts
Watch us laughin' as we shatter these runts
Gonna be negotiations in the covoy-ee-oy-ee-oy

And then the gnome came, the drunk days
When she crept up to our fire
You  showed us all the bone, all we showed cultists was our ire-ee-ire-ee-ire

So this is us not swallowin' bone
Standin' outside caravan in the night-ee-ight
And we go back to the cultists for a fight
Turns out teamwork ain't nothin' but distraction
Rummaging, invisibling, lingering like it's all just fine
Could go back to Secomber, turn around and change the Cunts minds
Still I'd go forth to the B Gate all the time

Miss your flaxen hair, sweet smile
So good to me, so right
Wish I could kill this filthy noble in the night
On day 25 Cunts came alive
Maybe it's just spider fightin'
Probably I was night nightin'
But when Brick got big we we killed them all-ee-all-ee-all

We'd go back to stop a murder, but we can't 
So if the crowd is on our side, we understand

So this is us ownin' the cultists
Standing in front of them saying they hid all their short swords
And we go on to Baldur's Gate
Turns out crowd work ain't nothin but dissin' them
Wishin' you'd realized you had never accused the Cunts
We'd go back to Secomber, turn around and watch cultists in the night
I'd go back to Secomber, with the sisters change my own mind
I go back to Secomber all the time
All the rhymes