Doomspawn’s Diary

10th of Tarsakh, 1492

Not much has happened along the road these past twenty days. We passed through the ghost town of Conyberry, and by the twenty-fifth of Ches, we had made it to Triboar: a lively crossroads frontier town, full of the hustle and bustle of roaming merchants, caravans, and other travelers. From there, we turned south onto … Continue reading 10th of Tarsakh, 1492

19th of Ches, 1492

Our motley fellowship left Phandalin this morning by Pestilence-drawn wagon, ultimately headed for Secomber, to meet up with Leosin Erlanthar and Ontharr Frume. With us, we have brought a black dragon egg, stowed in a wool-lined barrel. The other two dragon eggs, we have left at the manor, under the care of Yegg and Droop. … Continue reading 19th of Ches, 1492

18th of Ches, 1492

When we arrived, the raiders' camp was mostly abandoned. Stinking kobold huts were burning in a heap. Only a scattered few tents and the two guard towers remain erected. Jorad discerned that the main body of the force had travelled west in a wagon caravan. A few kobold stragglers remained, so we questioned them, but … Continue reading 18th of Ches, 1492

17th of Ches, 1492

As we were leaving Phandalin this morning, we were stopped by an injured travelling monk from Berdusk named Nesim Waladra. He told us that his master, a half-elven monk named Leosin Erlanthar, had gone missing last night after a savage battle with the raiders. Waladra offered us two hundred and fifty gold pieces each to … Continue reading 17th of Ches, 1492

16th of Ches, 1492

There was little rest before the first light of dawn arrived, when we were hailed by the raiders outside. Their champion, a draconic warrior named Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, wanted to face a champion of our choosing in a one-on-one fight. In exchange, they would release four captive peasants who were of no value to anyone, save … Continue reading 16th of Ches, 1492

15th of Ches, 1492: The Year of Three Ships Sailing

It has been seven months since my last journal entry. Our campaign against the azers and xorns has proven to be just as tedious as I had imagined it would be when we set out last summer. As an extra annoyance, we were forced to fetch our reward from caches hidden southwest of Phandalin. Altogether … Continue reading 15th of Ches, 1492: The Year of Three Ships Sailing

15th of Eleasis, 1491

It has been two months since the founding of our Fellowship of Cunts. Today, we set off on our campaign to rid the surrounding Sword Mountain foothills of the combined azer and xorn menace, at the behest of the crystalline entity. I foresee this all becoming a dreary task, rather than an adventure of note, … Continue reading 15th of Eleasis, 1491

14th of Eleasis, 1491

It was just over one month ago, while searching the lair of Mormesk the Nerd-Wraith, within the depths of Wave Echo Cave, that we discovered a valuable document detailing the nearby location of some rather mysterious rare spell components. Eager for new adventure, we decided it was time to follow the map's directions. We set … Continue reading 14th of Eleasis, 1491

13th of Eleasis, 1491

With our coin purses newly filled—one hundred gold pieces each from Lord Neverember as our reward for his Owlbear Lodge quest—our fellowship went together to browse Phandalin's summer market. Curiosity brought us to a rather nondescript vardo owned by a flamboyantly dressed, golden skinned, pot bellied kobold merchantess. She introduced herself as Krisalee Tingletoe, and … Continue reading 13th of Eleasis, 1491

12th of Eleasis, 1491

We arrived back in Phandalin in the early evening, greeted by the smiles and cheers of the simple townsfolk. Beshaba willing, we will find something of interest at the summer market tomorrow, klaatu barada nikto amen.