Cragmaw Story

Rydoth was our guide when we first saw you

Close my eyes and remembrance comes

We're holding there

'Neath portcullis in the summer air

See us stealth, see us fail,  arrow slits,

Swift make our way through goblin hordes

T's quarter staff swings

Violence it brings

Please ya witness Gunx, as he blows three goblins,

And Maledicta says, "Keep thy distance  beefy Gob"

Yegg was servin' by the fire

Says "Beware Lhupo", thus we did

Tolarin, stealth us made sure we were not alone

Blood covered alter, black cloth, made of stone

They'll pay the price, knife, sensor and chalice,

Time to head to East? FoC just said yes

Jorad snuck West checkin' rooms as he found them

Then Grick worm dropped, Brick's lookin' grim

Hew cut the air

Worm soon to be relieved of all it's cares, oh, oh

'Cause we were Foc, we were blastin' Eldritch,

And a chokehold said "Stay away from all my friends"

Acid dropping from our hands

Jim from Cooking beggin' "nothin' here to know"

Cragmaw Horse, takin' Grick stew in through the door

Hobgoblin's waitin', soon they'll be on the floor

Jorad's the damage prince, Gunx damage princess,

It's a death story, Hobby just says "blecch"

Brick, please save me, elf and bugbear, here to kill,

New elf love is difficult, but's real

Thunderwave effective, make it out of this mess

Danuk the White's there? I cannot say yes

Oh, oh

We got tired of slaying

Danuk wasn't really there

Wolf out the window fading

And we saved Rockseeker at the edge of time, and I sang

Cragmaw, we will clear you, even though we're far from home

Kept you waiting, but you knew that we would come

Sexy elf in my head? Not knowing what to think

Purple mass on the ground vanished inside a ring

And sang, "Cragmaw Story",

Goblins never going home,

Yegg is excepted and that's all we really know

Talkin' to Yegg we'll still make a friend yet

It's a Cragmaw Story, Jim the Cook just say "Yes"

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh,

Rydoth was our guide when we first saw you