Where Crystal Grows (I Think He Knows)

Where Crystal Grows

Standing on vibrating floor

Azers ask us to stop

Not here for a fight

Things come to blows

Gunx’ hand on glowing glass

Cunts letting them know ’tis

Surely their final night

Find a waterfall just flowing in the cave

Tolarin jumps blindly with his stave

Sometimes idiocy substitutes for brave

Substitutes for brave

Current sweeps our feet

Shredding Brick up on crystal shards

Cutting us, so mean

Gonna see what’s under this stream I guess, like

I need heals, takes a toll

Not sure we’re gonna make it, where crystal grows

Where crystal grows

Where crystal grows

Sliding with body prone

Loud thrumming as we roam

Voice which does not relate

Where crystal grows

Asking us to lock it down

Can’t let Azers stick around

Seal Xorn companions fate (Ha!)

He got that baritone I like in a crystal man

And I’m a bard, drawing up the plans

Few months pass and Azers understand,

Azers understand.

We got that Xorn beat (beat)

Trippin’ down Phandalin Avenue

Got that Spring, feve

Gonna see what’s up with the market here

We beat Xorn, bless his soul

And we ain’t gotta tell the Azers

I think they know.